What’s Going On?

It’s been just over a year since I launched my Patreon and it’s been exactly what I wanted it to be. The only drawback seems to be that I’m struggling to find time to maintain two websites and two Twitter accounts.

My goal with Patreon was to push myself to constantly produce new work and explore new media for engaging my cruel giantess and crush fantasies. Right now there’s eleven bits of flash fiction, an in-progress novel, and a seven-part short story all created in the past year, and on top of that I’ve started filming myself and sharing my own crush clips for fans and supporters to enjoy!

I’ve also started a Fetlife that has turned out to be more interesting than I expected, though it’s very much an experiment still. Feel free to say hello if you like.

Results also just came back for CruelJan19 and in addition to a bunch of exciting and enjoyable stories everyone can enjoy, my entry “Out” received far more positive feedback than I expected, taking first or second place in four categories. I couldn’t be more pleased.

For the future? I love filming videos, showing off my shoes and crushing things beneath them. Definitely expect more of that. I hope to have my Pokemon fanfic edited and in paperback by the time SizeCon comes around, and I’ll keep producing some short, fresh stories every month on Patreon (and most will eventually make their way to my DeviantArt when they’re cleaned up, too).

Thanks for being here and supporting my work. Love you, my little squimps.

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